Burned Out Salaried Employee?

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To Unlock The Secrets To Your Automatic Programming, Seize Your Attention In Any Crisis, And Supercharge Your Focus So You Can Live And Work Fulfilled


Navigate your current Burnout stage methodically, and reinvent yourself with personal coaching and tools within 6 weeks.


Participate in 7 One-on-One Sessions, with the first one FREE. Why? If the first session is not a good fit, then you don't have to pay for the sessions. Fair enough?


Learn 8+ simple tools to help you navigate Burnout, and set you up to succeed, regardless of what situation you're placed in.


Cats aren't the only special creatures. You've probably experienced several careers and lived numerous lives. Here's your chance to live an unlived fulfilled life, by reinventing things the way you choose.

Reviews: Wall of Love


"I think that in less than 30 minutes, Aisake cleared more discouragement, soul-searching, emotional pain and sense of disconnection from my life than I've been able to achieve since I left the stage 21 years ago... As I said, I can't thank you enough for being God's messenger today. I really needed that., You are blessed Aisake. Thank you."


"My wife and I are truly blessed to have had such an amazing connection with Aisake. He is an incredible coach and has helped us get in a better place in our life and business. "


"I love the energy that Aisake has when he speaks. Not only does he have energy, but he explains things well. I understand the 'why' of things, and he helps me delve deeper into my business."


"Aisake has been very encouraging, and has been a great listener. He truly cares about his clients, and I've enjoyed this past month working with him."


"Always love the interactions with Aisake, and how he makes me think."


"Aisake and I have been able to erode some deep roadblocks to my business by working through emotional and mental limiting beliefs."


"Aisake, you're the best! I appreciate you so much and am grateful that brought into my life at just this moment. I know that I am on the verge of breaking through all my limiting beliefs, and truly create the business and life I desire. Thank you!!


"Aisake is very positive and upbeat. He points out things to do to make me more aware of myself. I feel better after talking to him."


"I look so forward to our sessions. I have such a high each time. I appreciate Aisake's spirit and enthusiasm and guidance. I'm thankful for all the enlightenment."


"The conversation that we had was worth the entire coaching program to me. Thank you Aisake!

Navigate through Burnout with an Unfair Advantage and Uncover Hidden Patterns driving you

| Unlock the secrets to your automatic programming and maximize your impact.

| Seize your attention in the midst of any crisis and control any situation smoothly

| Supercharge your focus for max output.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aisake! I love his passion, his energy and his encouragement. Thank you so much!


" I like the fact that Aisake is focusing on getting my confidence to grow. The questions he's asked were very thoughtful... sometimes I wonder if he's reading my mind.. :). I'm feeling really positive about my accomplishments."


"Thank you for coaching me for the last month, Aisake. I can feel something starting to change and move forward. I wish I could have had more coaching sessions with you."


"Aisake made me feel completely at ease during the session. I found the questions direct and in some cases challenging as they made me think deeper into my big why. The learning I got was different to anything I have received from other training/coaching providers."


"Aisake was wonderful, just like others said he'd be. I am already feeling confident at this moment. Tears were good and so was the laughter! Thank you Aisake."


"I really appreciate your help Aisake! I can see a huge change in my mental game, and my business is following slowly but surely. I even have more words of encouragement for my team when they get down."


"Appreciate Aisake's support, gratitude and humility. He listen's with an open heart and reflects back beautifully. Thank you for the great reflections; very uplifting and enlightening."


"Based on what I experienced today, I would recommend Aisake's coaching to everyone in my business."


"Aisake's session was more than I expected, and I loved that we got to the core issues, and not talk about what should/needs to be done. For me it was a real eye-opener."


"We love Aisake, and he has been a powerful, profound coach and mentor to us."


"Aisake's energy is exactly what I needed to help me make some amazing breakthroughs today... Wonderful job, both making me feel comfortable and at ease during our call."


"It's been great talking to you, Aisake. You've made an impact in my life, and pulled me out of the doldrums when I was really down. Wish I could have more sessions with you."


"After many questions, Aisake helped me get to my core reason, which I wasn't able to find myself and acknowledge."


"Aisake has been warm encouraging and extremely helpful in me jumping over hurdles as I've tackled them. I am grateful for him, truly a God send at this time."


"Aisake has influenced me in a most positive, and what I believe is a life transforming way. Enabling me to separate myself from my programs, look at them objectively, and have the awareness and mindset to direct my own program. It feels empowering, uplifting and liberating, and I feel happier. Thank you Aisake, you are truly awesome and I am deeply grateful to have been introduced to you, and to have worked with you for the past 8 weeks."


"I am amazed at how our mind works, and what Aisake shared with me is going to be an asset for me."


"I feel I have grown a lot since I started talking to Aisake. I look forward to where I am going, and appreciate everything Aisake has helped me break through, and all the great things he has taught me."


"I so much enjoy my sessions with Aisake, and realize how much the work done together has pushed me in another direction, and clarified the path I want to take! Thank you."


"Aisake this is the best adventure I've ever undertaken, and I feel blessed to walk this path with you."


"Very professional and at the same time, kind. Aisake knows the process to be followed, and is very clear about the expectations. I appreciate that."


"Thank you for helping me get the 'Squirrel out of the tree,' Aisake. Life is about me and not the distraction others bring."


"Aisake was FABULOUS! He zoomed in on the crux of my issues like a guided missile. Great work!"


"Aisake, your energy is inspiring and the way you coached is easy to understand and effective. Past failures have weakened me to a point of being too tired of it all. Right now, I feel the strength to get back up and stand on solid ground. I was able to progress quite a bit in my inner game. Something I know I would not have been able to do on my own. Actually, something I have proven that I was not able to do on my own. Thank you so very much!"


"Thank you Aisake for your excellent coaching! I very much appreciated your understanding and insight."


"Thank you so much Aisake for helping me realize my true potential, and guiding me through the step by step process, to help grow my business."


"Aisake has a wonderful gift. His gift is like a rosebud. He gently opens you up. He makes you realize you have a voice, and helps you believe in yourself."


"Aisake it feels like you are a part of my family already. l have always wished for a big brother like you. Learning how to reprogram my mind makes me feel incredibly fulfilled. I love it."


"What we are learning from Aisake has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives. He is an incredible Coach."


"Thank you for today Aisake. I was feeling defeated regarding my commitments, and you helped me to pick myself back up, release the guilt and feel excitement. You are Amazing!"


"Thank you for giving me tools to create the habits that I needed to put me on my path. I found every story and every lesson valuable, even if I thought I already knew it. This has been the greatest gift I've given myself, and I want to thank you for being such a huge part of it."

Who am I? Hi, I'm Aisake...

WHY TRUST ME TO BE YOUR GUIDE? Glad you asked:-I've been coaching for over 10 years, doing over 2,300 personal sessions with clients from over 27 countries.-I've invested over $100,000.00 (and counting) to figure out the quickest ways to get better (so you don't have to).- I get up around 3:30am (minus alarm clock) to study and learn my craft and help others without the fluff.-I was burned out at work and endured soul crushing collateral damage that no one ever tells you about.

Reinvent Yourself. Live Fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This program is for Burned Out Salaried Employees who want to navigate their Burn Out and get clarity on what the best next step is. The content includes mindset training too.

How long does the program take?

The Personal Coaching Program takes 6 Weeks, and I'll be meeting weekly with you for 1 hour each time. You'll also be mailed a physical workbook as a coaching guide.

I'm already burned out, so will this take a lot of work?

Depends on how you'd like to navigate this Burnout maze. Everyone approaches it differently depending on their situation. I work closely with you, to ensure your progress.

Am I going to be pawned off to another coach?

Nope, I'm a one person operation, so you'll be working with me the whole time.

And the difference between you and other Burnout Coaches?

Burn Out is becoming more common, and alot of help is needed to address it. There are many great coaches out there and we all have our unique focuses and styles.

What do I have to do to start?

STEP 1: Click the "SCHEDULE YOUR CALL" button and set an appointment to meet with me.
STEP 2: Will be decided during that 20 minutes call

When can you get me in?

The sooner you schedule your call, the quicker we can move. I have 10 available spots, and once they fill up, anyone signing up afterwards gets on the waiting list.

How much does this cost?

The Investment right now is $1,800 for 6 Weeks of 1-on-1 Personal Coaching. (PRICE WILL INCREASE IN APRIL 2024)